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PrimeStreet helps you find the best agent to buy or sell your home

PrimeStreet connects you with a top real estate agent in your market. Our matching system doesn’t just find an agent, it finds a pro who matches your needs - price, neighborhood, house type! Plus we tell them about you before you talk with them. So your agent understands who you are and what you need before you even say hello.

The founders of PrimeStreet set out to make it easier for home buyers to connect with real estate professionals. With a combination of technology and a friendly representative we solved a common problem- how do buyers find good agents and how do agents find eager buyers?

PrimeStreet now helps over 20,000 people a year find the perfect real estate agent.

We are proud of our 4.9 Google review rating from our customers, and would be honored to help you on your real estate journey. We look forward to serving you!


We believe in making a positive difference.

At PrimeStreet we give every employee a Community Service Day. Since we are a work-from-home company, we can make a difference across the United States.
We think that is pretty cool.


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