At PrimeStreet You Are Set-Up for Success

We make sure each agent is set-up to get the best results possible! If you ever have a question, we have a support team ready to help 7-days a week.

Agent Training to Grow Your Business

Referrals are great - but you still have to close them. Dive into our ongoing training to increase your conversion rates and close more deals.

PrimeStreet is here for you every step of the way!

Onboarding - We will discuss with your team how to set-up the app, best practices & all the ways for the agent to engage with the app to keep referrals flowing.

Customer Experience - Our trained professionals are ready to get leads PrimeStreet Qualified 7-days a week.

Support - We have a full support team that is ready to help answer any questions after onboarding is complete!

Account Manager -You are assigned an Account Manager to meet monthly to discuss how your team is doing with PrimeStreet.

Monthly Webinars - We provide premium real estate content for the PrimeStreet community. These webinars are exclusive to our community, discuss topics voted on by our members, and feature experts from around the industry.

Premium Content for the PrimeStreet Community

Monthly webinars provide additional insight into topics that complement the PrimeStreet model. Exclusive to our community, topics are voted on by our members and feature experts from around the industry.

Check out some previews of past webinars below!

Why Partner with PrimeStreet

PrimeStreet has industry-leading technology powered by our ISA staff, who identify action-ready clients and pair with the best agents. We provide impactful data about how agents and their brokerages perform with every step of the transaction.

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